Different steps re. SRI Plantation in Antsahabe Village MAP - Part 1

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Discussion session with farmers of Antsahabe in order to indetify potentialities and constraints for SRI adoption prior to the installation of SRI Village MAP


Establishment of a three-parts-contract among SRI farmers, Chief of Fokontany and GCD related to the furniture of agricultural input (organic fertilizer and rotary-weeder), which will be used as revolving-fund.


                                                              Theoretical training of SRI farmers in Antsahabe



Following the training, rice seeds were sorted then put in a cloth and warmed up in a hole for 24 hours. This is the pregermination process 

 Rice seeds after pregermination


Once pregerminated seeds were sown, the nursery was covered with straw in order to fight against birds and rats and conserve the humidity of the nursery


Fertilization with guanomad (organic fertilizer) of the dry nursery

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